To help our clients to visualise the spaces we design, we make use of:

mood board

Mood boards

  • Establish aesthetic and feel
  • Ensure we share the same vision, by showing an impression of our ideas at the outset
  • Samples of specialist materials

A picture really is worth a thousand words!



2-D computer images

  • Plans of proposed building alterations
  • Interior layouts
  • Technical drawings 

For initial discussions relating to planning applications, with architects, builders and subcontractors.  As working drawings in bathroom or kitchen remodels as well as by furniture manufacturers and cabinet makers.  These drawings can also be used as marketing material by estate agents.



3-D computer models

  • Animated walk-through - we can manupilate the model, move through it and help you get a feel for the space
  • Geo-referenced - see where the sun will move and how light and shadows change
  • Surface finishes rendered with photo-realism

Before you commit to doing any work on the property, this is an opportunity to see the finished space.  And it's much easier to change and alter at this stage!






Digitally adjusted photographs show how exteriors will be affected by any modifications, or designs for:

  • Planning applications
  • Conservation officers
  • Clients, investors
  • Builders and subcontractors
  • Sales and letting agents

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