We've done this before... and more than once!  So why not use our experience to help make the renovation of your home, a more relaxing and enjoyable process? 


Elusive 'Sold' or 'Let' sign

Has it been on the market but not had any offers?  We can:

  • Add Kerb appeal
  • Dress your property

Investment & Potential 

Wondering if you will get a good return on your investment?

Want someone to assess the property to see how much value we could add?


We can help you find exactly what you need 

  • A compact Danish 1950s dining table?
  • A painted 19thC French linen press?
  • Are you after some interesting children's bedroom furniture? 

What ever you are looking for - we can find it.  Even if you don't know exactly what you want, we can recommend something appropriate.

extended-home-floorplan cropped

Improved layout

  • Could you knock down walls and open up the space?
  • Is there potential to build into the loft?
  • Is it within Permitted Development or Planning Permission? 

Let us help you to see what might be possible.

find space

Best use of space

Feel like you need more room? Need storage and 'homes' for all your stuff?

  • Our 'space-finding' service will de-clutter your home and enable you to use the areas you have more effectively
  • We advise on the best size, shape, style and location for your furniture and artwork; to prevent your home from feeling crowded


Looking for the ideal craftsman to make a piece of furniture, a wrought iron gate or even a carpet? 

  • We can design freestanding pieces
  • Built-in furniture for kitchens, bedrooms, studies
  • Traditional materials and methods
  • Modern materials and methods

Call us and see if we can help you - 07710 317 097