project Delivery

Delivering the project, is much more than just being at home to let the plumber in! We, you and they need more input than that.

carpenter2 shelves-going-in carpet-laying basin-stand-going-in

Use our expertise to:

  • Arrange the schedules with the tradesmen 
  • Guarentee a good quality finish
  • Ensure your money is spent wisely
  • Ensure no time or money is wasted

When a project is underway...

  • We visit the site once a day
    • The site visits need to be during the working day, when the problems occur

  • We telephone before, and after, each visit- to ensure everything runs smoothly
    • This part is about building up trust, getting to know how one another works
    • Tradesmen won't always stop to call you when they need to ask you something
  • We work with men and women who know I have exacting standards
    • I only recommend them to clients if I know they will do a good job
    • My contacts are invaluable. I look after them as much as I do my clients

If you would like less stress throughout the duration of your project, we can help - call:  07710 317 097